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"Are you In The KNO? "

"Do you KNO?Do you KNO?"

Services Offered

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Voice Overs
Hosting /Speaking Engagements
Connection Referrals 
Press Release Creation and Distribution 

  Visual Imagery (i.e.Photo,Video,Wardrobe,Beauty)

Information about Upcoming Events and Bookings

Assist in Blog Placements

Music Production (Producers, Artists)

Studio Bookings

Event Planning

Artist Development

Media/Event Production 


Other customized services are upon request…. 

What you want, I can get done.

It All Started
 w/ A Mic 
& an Opportunity

I am a person that is soo outgoing you would have never thought, I got picked on in school or didn't make friends, but I was. Growing up, I lived in different states and changed schools almost every 2 years. I had the hardest time making friends because of it and I became a little stand off-ish.After years passed, I learned  that I have a way with words. I have a personality that could make people smile and want to confide in me. Once I went off to college to the illustrious North Carolina Central University. I received my shot to learn life lessons and come into my own.

I became apart of various organizations from Student Government to Activity groups. I made friends in so many areas of the campus, I could not help but to be involved and expand my network. Each organization that I represented, gave me an outlet to use this voice that I was given and share it with the world and amongst the other organizations! I seen it as the opportunity for a win -win with less work lol. 

It was this humble beginning where I found my purpose and knew that I was to be that connecting factor to those trying wanting to be greater.

The day my advisor Ms. Johnson, handed me a mic to host my first event, I was terrified, but it sparked an interest that I just couldn't let go! I began to host big events on my campus and others such as Homecoming concerts and talent shows which put me in position to build and grow with influential people in the entertainment industry.

It started as a position and blossomed into a way of life! After graduation, I knew that I had to continue in my hopes of walking in my purpose and along this journey, I have truly found myself.